Main Dashboard & Alt Versions
Global Navigation
Universal Payments wanted to overhaul the main navigation drop downs to make them more manageable. Our team set out to redefine how a navigation operates, by making the user experience customizable. Users are now able to move sub-navigation sections and hide unwanted entries. This speeds up productivity and empowers the end user.
Global Drop Down Menus
Main Dashboard Modals
Payment Template
Payment Import
Payment Export
Master Recipient
Wire Payments
Prior Day
New User
Fraud Service
Create US Wire Template + Addenda
Account Activity + Create Upload
Transaction Search + ACH Quick Entry
Login + Help
Universal Payments: Mobile Web Browser Application
After the browser application was completed, we ported over some sections to mobile. This is a true mobile web application using the small viewport resolution. This meant that the screens were going to be extremely tall due to the low resolution. To provide a better user experience, we added collapse / expand icons to sections.

Because the screens are so tall, we're showing snapshots of different sections of screens.

 This is a small sampling of the screens we designed.

Dashboard + Dashboard Modals
Menus + Alerts + Login
CTX Payments
Fraud Services
ACH Payments
Prior Day
Wire Payments
Payment Template + Transaction Search
Account Activity + Multiple Issue
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