User Interface Design
The Art of Illuminated Technology™.

When it comes to designing rich visual experiences that delight the end-user, elevate the perceived value of the product or application and address every one of our clients' requirements, The Skins Factory knows no peer.  Our extensive experience in developing hundreds of comprehensive front-end designs for everything from simple mobile apps to data-intensive enterprise systems, gives us an edge few others can match. Each and every pixel is placed with a combination of forethought, intuition and experience.

Inspired Design.

Whether it's reproducing highly-realistic real world surfaces and lighting in unexpected ways or drilling down to utter simplicity and understated 2D elegance, we run the gamut of possibility and produce the absolute best possible visual experience for any given project. We are fluent in the modern design trends and look past them. This is why we offer our clients a better ROI... our designs last longer.
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User Experience Design
Our Core Philosophy... Keep it Simple.

From the start, we embark straight away with an eye towards the final visual aesthetic, while we road map intuitive functionality & quantify the ease-of-use of the design. These efforts manifests themselves in highly-annotated wire frames & visually-rich prototypes, with innovation & mechanics woven into the heart of the experience from the ground up. There is a new paradigm when it comes to end-user expectations, that simplicity & aesthetics co-exist in symmetrical harmony.

Our core design philosophy is best defined by premier architect Mies van der Rohe's adopted motto: Less is more.

Accelerating the Possibilities with Visual Prototyping.

Our world-class, meticulous wireframes & visual prototypes lay the groundwork for a better understanding of the final product right from the start. As solid concepts quickly emerge, they provide all invested parties with a clear and concise common reference aid in development through to completion. No more guessing what it might look like. As a result we see an accelerated development cycle in comparison to other studios, and this observation has been conveyed to us by clients time & time again.
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Web Design
Refreshingly Creative.

A successful website design needs to deliver its content quickly and effectively, but this doesn't mean you have to settle for a bland, stripped-down looking website. At The Skins Factory, we're able to apply our extensive cross-disciplinary experience to virtually every aspect of a website's visual development & interaction design. From meticulously-crafted wireframes & prototypes to stunning final graphics.
With the high level of sophistication of today's user, it's become critical to redeploy the kind of interaction users expect from a desktop or mobile experience to the web.

Trusted Results.

An online music store for The Walt Disney Company’s internet group, a one-sheet landing page for the hit action movie xXx, MSN Spaces layouts for Microsoft, cloud-based productivity & accounting suites, search portals - we've done it all.

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