Warner Bros. Entertainment
Batman Begins
Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment + Microsoft
The Skins Factory delivered a groundbreaking Windows Media Player 11 skin fit for a hero. Contracted by Microsoft and Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Batman Windows Media Player skin is completely animated and ready to instill fear in the heart of villains worldwide. This is Windows Media Player user interface design at its best - stunning motion graphics, powerful sound effects, media playback animations and more.

The Last Samurai
Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment
From the forges deep within The Skins Factory, comes a skin fit for a Shogun - but made for a Samurai. Meticulously detailed, The official Windows Media Player 9 Series skin of the motion picture, The Last Samurai, displays the depth of passion we harness as we constantly strive to outdo whats come before. Witness the pounding of Taiko drums as an animated samurai practices his art.

Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment + Microsoft
The official Constantine Windows Media Player skin. Warner Bros. Entertainment and Windows Media contracted The Skins Factory to deliver a delightfully, devilish skin for the new hellblazing film - Constantine. The Windows Media Player skin includes sound effects, animations, searchable playlist and a vast amount of movie information. The style of the player is that of a device thats been to hell and back... literally.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment + C-2 Pictures
The SkyNet Media Module Windows Media Player skins is one of The Skins Factory's most comprehensive WMP skins to date. Not only is it amazingly rendered, it also utilizes the following Special Features: amazing runtime animations including a sound-enhanced startup animation sequence, multiple sound enhancements, an enhanced equalizer system, a fully, feature-rich, miniaturized additional transport mode and a retractable, animated shutter over the display.

Alienware Corporation
Alienware Darkstar
Client: Alienware Corporation + Microsoft
From the deepest, darkest reaches of space it came - prepared to unleash its dark power on unsuspecting desktops across the galaxy. Alienware Darkstar features breathtaking design elements such as audio-enhanced startup and runtime animations, function-responsive LED arrays and highly tactile control surfaces. All of these features combine to create a stunning Windows Media Player skin brilliantly captured in black and red and infused with traces of Alienware's distinctive style.

Alienware Invader
Client: Alienware Corporation
An advanced communications sentry, the Alienware Invader Windows Media Player skin breaches the limits of all that is galactically cool. Our boldest and most dynamic Windows Media Player 11 skin to date! Alienware Invader features a 580+ frame stunning intro animation, sound fx and a design that is simply "out of this world." The Skins Factory once again raises the bar on skinning and user interface design.

Alienware: Superman Special Edition
Client: Alienware Corporation
Alienware released limited-edition desktop & notebook systems inspired by DC Comics iconic Super Hero, Superman. Each system also includes a specially-designed Superman Windows desktop theme, custom icon set, wallpaper and an incredibly cool Windows Media Player skin. It is not available for download. SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and DC Comics. (s06)

Alienware Aurora Star Wars Edition
Client: Alienware Corporation
The Skins Factory was contracted by Alienware Corporation to create an entire Windows desktop theme, including this custom Windows Media Player skin based on the style of the Rebellion's ships. Available only when you purchased the Alienware Aurora Star Wars Edition computers. The suite Included a custom Windows Media Player skin, set of 35 Star Wars inspired icons, custom desktop and wallpapers designed around custom images created by Alienware's in-house design team.

Alienware ALXMorph
Client: Alienware Corporation
The Skins Factory began skin construction with a palette of lab whites and onyx blacks. We then constructed an introduction animation that is not only rich in genre sound effects, but contains two bi-directional, gyroscopic ring rotations. The animation utilizes over 135 individual animation frames. Pushing the creative envelope that other studios can only hope to keep up with? You betcha.

Alienware AlienMorph
Client: Alienware Corporation
The Skins Factory began skin construction with a palette of lab whites and onyx blacks. We then constructed an introduction animation that is not only rich in genre sound effects, but contains two bi-directional, gyroscopic ring rotations. The animation utilizes over 135 individual animation frames. Pushing the creative envelope that other studios can only hope to keep up with? You betcha.

The Walt Disney Company
Disney's It's a Magical World
Client: The Walt Disney Company
The official Disney six color, magical Windows Media Player. Part of the Hyperdesk Windows desktop theme - Disneys It's a Magical World. Our design team captured the magic of Disney, injecting fun, vibrant colors and enchanting graphics into the Windows Media Player skin that delighted children and parents worldwide. The complete Windows desktop theme was powered & designed by The Skins Factory. Unfortunately, this magical theme is no longer available.

Disney Mix Central
Client: The Walt Disney Company
The Skins Factory was contracted by Disney to create an animated Disney Mix Central-branded Windows Media Player 11 skin. Taking inspiration from Disney's "real-world" hardware player, Disney Mix Max, the The Skins Factory rendered a gorgeous companion to the Disney Mix Central store we designed with Disney. We broke the boundaries of 2D skins by creating functionality on more than just the front of the player skin. Flip it on its side and you have a micro player.

Disney Pixar's EVE
Client: The Skins Factory (Under License from The Walt Disney Company)
Designed and created for the Official Disney/Pixar EVE Windows XP desktop theme kit powered by The Skins Factory's Hyperdesk Windows theme application. Styled after EVE's high-gloss white body and blue LEDs. We also included a special Buy n Large variant edition of the skin. The Windows Media Player skin is no longer available. Images Copyright. Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Microsoft Corporation
Client: Microsoft Corporation (XBOX)
The Skins Factory was contracted by Microsoft's Windows Media & Xbox divisions to create the Official Xbox Skin for Windows Media Player. One of our most famous Windows Media Player skins. "The Skins Factory has done great work developing this stunning new Windows Media Player skin for Xbox fans," said Jonathan Usher, Group Manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft.

The Professional
Client: Microsoft Corporation
The Professional was first made available when you purchased Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition. Microsoft commissioned The Skins Factory to create a series of Windows Media Player 9 skins for the Media Edition pack. For The Professional, we opted for a clean and elegant look. The skin has two distinct textures available within the one skin - a highly-polished slate and a soft, blond wood.

Crimson Skies
Client: Microsoft Corporation (XBOX)
The latest in animated, fighter-jock cockpit gear. Prepare to be blown out of the sky with the official Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Windows Media Player 9 Series skin roars onto desktops worldwide. Features: Animated flight altimeter (so you dont get lost as you navigate your media files), Rotational meta-clock display & Analog sliders for the equalizer and an animated blast shield. Presented by Xbox and The Skins Factory.

XSN Sports
Client: Microsoft Corporation (XBOX)
Microsoft brought in The Skins Factory to design the official XSN Sports Windows Media Player skin. The XSN Sports skin contains eight identity-driven color themes that cycle through the entire XSN Sports lineup. The goal here was to create a player that reflected the design of rugged sport-compatible portable audio devices. The result is a one-of-a-kind skin that packs a powerful punch with all the intensity and action of your favorite XSN Sports games.

The Bionic Dot
Client: Microsoft Corporation
An outstanding example as to why The Skins Factory is considered the best in the business, this is a limited Edition version of one of the Windows Media Player 9 Series skins shipping with Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition. This skin comes in 4 distinct, high-glossy vibrant colors. The full version of The Bionic Dot (only found in Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition) contains many more colors and variants to choose from.

Client: Microsoft Corporation
One of our favorite projects we did for Microsoft's Windows Media Division. Darkling is a full screen Windows Media Player skin fused with dark technology. Featuring multiple color schemes, The Skins Factory was the first design studio to create the first set of skins for the Plus! Party Mode for Windows Media Player. It was available only when you bought the Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition.
Client: Microsoft Corporation (XBOX)
Transform your Windows Media Player into a 31st century Mech! Microsoft's XBOX division contracted The Skins Factory to bring the look and fury of the MechAssault universe to Windows Media Player. What resulted, was one of our most intriguing animated skins yet - fully animated with sonic boom speakers. If a 48-ton Mech carried an 800-pound boom box to a death match, it might very well look like this.

Age of Mythology
Client: Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Game Studios)
The Skins Factory was selected by Microsoft Game Studios to create a custom branded Windows Media Player skin to help digitally promote this highly anticipated sequel to the Age of Empires game series. This was part of an entire Age of Mythology themed Windows desktop theme. Special Thanks to the folks at Ensemble Studios and of course our friends at Microsoft Game Studios.

Half-Life 2
Client: Valve + Microsoft
Contracted by Microsoft and Valve, we set out to create a skin that lead character Gordon might use if he was walking around the Half-Life 2 universe listening/viewing his favorite media files. Complete with a double shutter that the end-user can open and close with a click of the mouse, ripe with introduction animation sound effects and more images than you could shake a crowbar at.

Lost Planet
Client: Capcom
Capcom and The Skins Factory delivered the sub-zero, hyper-cool Windows Media Player 10 skin for the hit video game, Lost Planet. This exciting Windows Media Player 10 skin includes features like dual shutters, a retractable button compartment, sound FX, animations, a searchable playlist and many exciting stills and information from the upcoming game release of -- Lost Planet.

Electronic Arts
Need for Speed: Underground
Client: Electronic Arts + Microsoft
The Official Need For Speed Underground skin sports 7 custom paint jobs, full sound events, open/close shutter, custom intro animation and many other features. Interested in reading about the game or seeing some screen shots? Engage the "iMode" by clicking the button marked with an "i". Presented by Windows XP, Electronic Arts and The Skins Factory. Part of the Windows XP Extras Program.

NVIDIA Reactor
Client: NVIDIA
Welcome to nuclear-powered media. NVIDIA contracted The Skins Factory to create an ominous, ground-breaking Windows Media Player skin. From the moment the exciting, intro animationbegins, the user is treated to a whole new media player experience. Featuring 157 frame animation sequence, plasma runtime visual effects laced with hyper-cool sound effects, and an advanced playlist module that will let you search you library, access playlists with a quick click of your mouse.

Client: Go Video
Like its real world counterpart the RAVE-MP Windows Media Player skin is long on ergonomic design and ripe with intuitive construction. With 4 distinct color schemes, RAVE-MP is the new name in cool when it comes to player skins. Sporting sleek tribal patterns and colors that could only have been plucked from the slickest paint palette, we guarantee to make even the most square user - hip.

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Onyx Series
Client: Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson commissioned The Skins Factory to design and develop a highly versatile Windows Media Player 11 skin, featuring ultra-thin modes for audio and video in 6 color-bursting styles. Each vibrant theme, fully compliments a corresponding chromatic theme of the Sony Ericsson Onyx Series Windows desktop theme powered by Hyperdesk. Copyright. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. All Rights Reserved.
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