We separated the icons in the sidebar navigation from their textual counterparts. This allows a clean design language when the sidebar is collapsed. Shown below from Left to Right: All Idle, Hover & Click states turned on.
Below: Sidebar Collapsed + Navigation Menu Template
Below: Search + Search Results

Beneficiary Details: Clinical Lab Results
You'll see utilized throughout the Beneficiary screens, a robust, secondary sidebar.

Because there was an entire, secondary navigation to position, along with pertinent user information, we felt the vertical space of a sidebar served as a great solution. The bar also pulls from the brand identity color scheme while using chromatic bullets for sub-navigation entries.

Beneficiary Details: Services
The Main page and the subsequent Service Summary Modals

Beneficiary Details: Documents + Documents Center

Beneficiary Details: Clinical SMART Paper + ProfileĀ  + Census

Beneficiary Center + Practice Center
View Quality Statement

Profile Menu: User Delegates

Office Advantage

Login + Registration Email

UI Kit + Style Guide
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