Banking Wallet: Dark Mode Version

See default version here

Main Cryptocurrency Exchange Dashboard
Due to the "real estate" requirements for the candlestick graph and the Order Book, we opted for a collapsed sidebar by default.

This sidebar carries over from the main fintech app we designed, where we used the first 2 letters of a navigation section title instead of an icon. We feel icons that are not ubiquitous are harder to correlate with their textual counterparts, therefore harder to remember.  We did design a series of icons for the navigation for our client to deploy at a later time.
Dashboard w/ Expanded Sidebar + Advanced Search
Hovering or clicking the sidebar's arrow icon expands the sidebar to it's full capacity.  The search field yields results in a "search as you type" functionality, delivering results expeditiously.
Moving Modules
The ability to customize the placement of dashboard modules is always an important factor for a user to make the dashboard their own. This image shows the Order Book being placed under the candlestick graph.
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